MechaProg A (set)

We present the interface and the application created by Mechasoft, the set is used for advanced diagnosis, testing and programming of mechatronic assemblies installed in automatic transmissions.


MechaProg A Multiplexer
Set of connection cables for Multitronic 01J / 0AN DSG DQ200 controllers, DSG DQ250, ZF6HP VAG, OBD cable.
Power Supply
USB cable
The basic software database

We have developed our "MechaProg A" specifically for programming, testing and diagnosis of mechatronic assemblies on the table. Originally the device was designed for drivers used in the VAG group - Volskwagen Audi Seat Skoda. The multiplexer works with the VAS5054 head and software overlay on the VAS. It can be installed on computers with Windows XP and Windows7, also under the virtual machine. It does not matter what version and language of VAS you have. A unique feature of our solution is the method of selecting the required software - the appropriate number can be found in the ETKA catalog, read in VAS and then choose from the supplied database and finally program the controller accordingly.

MechaProg A includes a built-in software database for programming Multitronic 01J / 0AN, DSG DQ250 family 02E, DQ200 - 0AM, as well as 09G, 09K, 09D and ZF mechatronics from the 6HPxx family.

Programming AISIN and ZF boxes should be limited to downgrade / upgrade because changing software to another is possible but risky (knowledge of differences in driver harware is required).

MechaProg A does not have the READ function. If you have a driver with software that is not in our database, you can read it with any device or send driver to our headquarters in Poland and we will read it for you and join your MechaProg.

MechaProg Multiplexer

We introduce interface and application created by Mechasoft, used for advanced diagnostics, repairs and programming of automatic transmisssion with integrated "Mechatronic" control units. 


  • MechaProg Multiplexer
  • Power supply
  • USB Cable

TCU cables must be buy separately 


Multitronic Assistant

Absolutely new interface with application completely created by Mechasoft to increase the possibility of working with Multitronic Transmission Control Units


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