Our offer is addressed to people who need a service:
-programming/reprogramming the units (for example a new unit has been purchased without software or was empty)
-withdrawal of adaptation data
-cloning of the unit (copying one controller in a situation where, for example, the gearbox is one of the elements of the anti-theft system - immobilizer)
- data transfer (eg calibration, immobilizer data)

Our goal is always to solve the problem, the technologies / tools used depend on the individual assessment of the situation
The scope of activities is always determined with the client, after reading about all the necessary information (factory numbers of units, number of gearbox, engine, body number, diagnostic protocols, description of the situation - what has already been done, under what conditions the problem appeared, what are the expectations the customer)

The following informations are necessary for proper selection of software:

- car body number
- if the gearbox / engine has been replaced -old, as well as new letter codes of the engine / gearbox
- mechatronics number (old and new)
-TCU number (hardware and what software currently has)
- the market which the car comes from (America, Europe, Japan, others).
- description of activities already carried out

To be able to ''clone'' the TCU, some conditions must be met:

  • the "donor" TCU must "live" to the extent that it can be read (any damage to the FLASH / EEPROM memory disqualifies the unit from this process)
  • the "recipient" unit must have the same or similar hardware (it is not possible to clone eg a DSG 02E unit with a "black" one for "white" and vice versa.) Similarly, there are cases with Multitronic hardware HT TCU and eg HH

Cloning as a service does not make sense in case the original unit has been damaged due to faulty software (eg some burnt drivers from 7-speed DSGs - 0AM). The "new" unit can also be destroyed. 

it should be also remembered that if the comfort of shifting was bad on the old mechatronics (besides mechanical damage), the clone service on the "new" will also be bad (cloning service = copying everything 1: 1 from the recipient to the donor, including the calibrations and adaptations).

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