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Repair / Cloning of TCU

Have not resolved your problems with automatic transmission?
to properly work your transmission need to
have calibrated and correctly programmed mechatronic unit

Learning through Play

Why you cant't self tune your DSG Transmission?

3th gear came too fast?
Change shifting-points
Simply and cheap

Do you need special tools?

or only the right cable?

Learning through Play

Coding of 7G-Tronic besides ASO?

Find the alternative or compare between strings

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Apart from the software of gearbox, very important are also the indyvidual calibration settings of the mechatronics


The purchase of a new unit or replacement not always make a sense


Choosing the right coding is a necessary action when you will decide a replace the unit


Software update or replacement and move the data between units


Would you like learn more?The offer of transferring secret knowledge is determined individually

Everybody Has Standards Ours Are Just Better

About Us

A few thousand regenerated electronic controllers for automatic transmissions,
delivered hundreds of diagnostic devices, service solutions, spare parts and also hundreds of hours - trainings for our clinets - are just small parts of
our several years of experience.

We are a very- integrated, ambitious and striving to perfection team for which are no limitations.
Conscientiousness, efficiency, innovation are our features which allow us to provide services at the highest possible level.

Our diagnostic equipment and regenerated components of automatic transmissions are successfully used by independent workshops
which are specializing in the repair of automatic transmissions around the world.


Exceeding all possible barriers and developing an ideal, self-perfecting device with infinite possibilities,
bringing help in achieving the ZEN status and solving all problems before they occur - this is our statutory goal.

Delivering specialized tools, advanced repairs, data analysis, searching for the causes of faults and finding their solutions are just some of the tasks that our company faces every day.

Our main mission is to achieve the goal by our client.

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Our Office:

Cisowa 11, 20-703 Lublin, Polska

+48 666 3 777 44


Opening hours: 9.00 – 18:00

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